You decide solution – identify the critical issues related to IT Governance and determine how you would resolve the issues. Using APA format provide a 3 page paper of original work  with a reference page                              – NO PLAGARIZED WORK.  Submit work by June 10, 2015 at 10 PM EST. I will pay $25 dollars for original work Read the scenario below and identify the critical issues related to IT Governance and determine how you would resolve the issues. Write a 3 page paper that addresses the following issues: Explain your plan for implementing COBIT for Gardner Novelties. Your plan should include a discussion of the following elements: What will Gardner Novelties be required to do with IT to remain in compliance with SOX? What is COBIT and how can it help keep Gardner Novelties in compliance with SOX? What are the benefits of using COBIT as opposed to other control frameworks? What questions would you expect to receive from the Executive Committee of Gardner Novelties? Identify two questions that you could be asked and address how you would answer them. Scenario YOUR ROLE – You will play the role of Joseph Barnes. Barnes has been with Gardner Novelties for 15 years and is the Chief Information Officer, a position he has help for over 7 years. His primary job responsibilities have been maintaining the firewall, patching software, virus removal and other similar duties. Barnes has a basic understanding of the requirements mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, but is not that familiar with COBIT. Information from Key Players – William Montgomery Gardner III  – Owner, Gardner Novelties Thanks for coming in to my office Joe. I only have a few minutes so I’m going to get right to the point. As you may have heard, we are preparing to take Gardner Novelties public. Our Initial Public Offering has been set for the end of next month. We have been working very hard on this matter and we want to make sure we have everything in order. I don’t know if you have heard of Sarbanes-Oxley, but there are some compliance provisions that are going to affect your job with IT. Section 404 requires that we make an assessment of the company’s internal controls over our financial reporting. We’ve been told by our outside legal counsel that the SEC will want to know that we have adequate internal controls that are tested and audited. They have suggested that we explore the COBIT framework. Are you familiar with any of this? Legal counsel has recommended that we consult with Sharon Martin. She’s a consultant with a Diamond Consulting Group. They specialize in COBIT and SOX compliance. I’ve already had my assistant email you her contact information. Get in touch with her right away. We will be having an Executive Committee meeting next week and I want you to present your proposed plan of action dealing with this compliance issue. Oh, and Joe one other thing…don’t me let me down…there’s a lot at stake here. Robert Rodes – CIO, Acme Technology Wow Joseph…sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you! I’m glad you reached out for me. I have a lot of experience in dealing with SOX compliance. I was here when SOX was passed, so I remember it pretty well. I understand the need for SOX, but one of the biggest problems that we had was there was this list of compliance issues, but no real guidance on how to do any of it. Ultimately, we settled on using the COBIT framework to make sure we had the proper controls in place. Once we did that, it’s been fairly routine. We test and audit our controls continuously and when we spot a problem it’s pretty easy to fix it. We chose COBIT for several reasons. We thought that COBIT had several advantages for us. It really is the only IT management and control framework that covers the end-to-end IT life cycle. And, it’s updated continuously and, not to be overlooked, it’s free. It’s nice that it’s free, but there are some other reasons we like it. COBIT is an internationally accepted standard for IT gov…

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