Each week you will have an opportunity to practice different aspects of the writing process in this writing notebook. It consists of a template you will fill out and submit in Canvas. In addition to introducing and practicing targeted components of the writing process, these notebooks are meant to help you to determine your own strengths and identify opportunities for growth. This week, the writing notebook focuses on how to develop a thesis sentence. Before you begin this week’s writing notebook, please read Writing a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.) and review the Writing a Thesis video tutorial found on that page. In the Week 1 Writing Notebook you will Identify the purpose of a thesis statement. Construct an effective thesis statement. Follow the steps outlined below to complete this week’s writing notebook: Download the Week 1 Writing Notebook Template below, which has been provided for you in both a Word document and a PDF file. Week 1 Writing Notebook Template download (PDF) Week 1 Writing Notebook Template download (Word) Complete all steps of the Working Thesis Activity in the Week 1 Writing Notebook, including the reflection step.

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