IT Project Management

You are being asked to perform a Systematic Mapping Study research on a will be working on creating a proposal for your research study. The template for your proposal is provided on page 2.

Goals of the Research Paper Assignment:

• become more adept at discovering and using varied research resources in your area of interest.

• develop your critical thinking skills and learn to back up your arguments with evidence.

• Improve your skills on synthesizing information and developing well-informed views.

• discipline yourself to carefully follow a scholarly research format/method (in our case, the research format/method is Systematic Mapping Study approach).

• compose a clear, well-organized research paper to increase your knowledge on a subject that is of interest to you.

[Note: You may need to to utilize the library to do this assignment (signing into your library.

Do not expect to get all of the required resources off the Internet. Many scholarly conferences/journals do not publish on the Internet or some may have membership only access to journals online (this is where library can be a good resource). Papers with only Web material as resources are not acceptable unless you can convince the reader that there is a valid reason. You might have to submit a request to the library for some resources, so don’t wait until the last minute.]

What is a Systematic Mapping Study?

Here is how Petersen et al describe the systematic mapping study research approach:

“The main goal of a systematic mapping study is to provide an overview of a research area, and identify the quantity and type of research and results available within it.”

Please read the paper titled, “Systematic Mapping Studies in Software Engineering” to gain an understanding of what systematic mapping studies entail. The paper has been made available to you on Canvas. Additionally, page 3 of this document provides a list of example systematic mapping studies.

Topic for your Research Paper:

Your research paper assignment begins with a fact-finding search on some current issues that are relevant to your interest-area. After brainstorming about potential topics/subjects and then selecting one, you need to narrow down your topic to a manageable issue. Here is a list of potential topics that you can choose from (every team needs to work on a different topic, so topics are available on a first come, first served basis):

1. Requirements Visualization.

See the paper “On Requirements Visualization”. Authors: Orlena C.Z. Gotel, Francis T. Marchese, Stephen J. Morris

2. Cognitive Biases in Software Project Management

3. Security requirements engineering education

4. The role of software project management in start-ups

5. Gamification of software project management education

6. Use of gamification to teach agile software project management

7. Empirical studies on effort estimation in software development projects

8. Technical debt visualization techniques.

See the paper, “A systematic mapping study on technical debt and its management”. Authors: Zengyang Li, Paris Avgerioua, Peng Liang

9. Information overload in user interface design

Submission for this Week

This week you will be working on filling out and submitting the following template:


Description of Item

Paper Topic

[Please provide you chosen topic in the space below]

Paper Authors

[Please provide a list of author/s who will be working on this paper]

Research Questions

[In the space below, please provide a list of Research Questions that you will be investigating]


[In the space below, please provide a list of online databases that you will search]

Inclusion Criteria

[In the space below, please provide a list of inclusion-exclusion criteria that will guide your search process]

Year Range

[In the space below, please provide the publication year-range that you will be using for your search. I recommend restricting your search to the following range:

2010 – 2019]

Paper Organization

[In the space below, please provide a framework that you will use to organize your paper. That is, the section headings for your organizing your paper. Example of a paper-organization framework: Introduction, Background, Research Methodology, Systematic Mapping Results, Discussion on Implications of Results, Study Limitations, Conclusion and Future Work]

Example Systematic Mapping Studies

Here is a list of some previous systematic studies performed in the area of software engineering (reading these papers will help you design your own study):

1. Michael Felderer, and Elizabeta Fourneret, “A systematic classification of security regression testing approaches”

2. Rahul Mohanani, Iflaah Salman, Burak Turhan, Pilar Rodriguez, Paul Ralph, “Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering: A Systematic Mapping and Quasi-Literature Review”

3. João Lemos, Carina Alves, Leticia Duboc, and Genaina Nunes Rodrigues, “A systematic mapping study on creativity in requirements engineering”

4. Patrick Morrison, David Moyea, Rahul Pandita, Laurie Williams, “Mapping the field of software life cycle security metrics”

The PDF copies of the papers listed above are available on me if you want.

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