Part 1 – Visit New Columbia Distillery’s Web site, What recommendations can you make for improving their site?

total 80 to 120 words in part 1

Part 2 – What can an entrepreneur do to avoid falling victim to these 10 myths? Select 2-3 of the following myths and explain.

Myth 1: If I launch a site, customers will flock to it.

Myth 2: Online customers are easy to please.

Myth 3: Making money on the Web is easy.

Myth 4: Privacy is not an important issue on the Web.

Myth 5: Strategy? I don’t need a strategy to sell on the Web! Just give me a Web site, and the rest will take care of itself.

Myth 6: The most important part of any e-commerce effort is technology.

Myth 7: Customer service is not as important online as it is in a traditional retail store.

Myth 8: Flashy Web sites are better than simple ones.

Myth 9: It’s what’s up front that counts.

Myth 10: My business doesn’t need a Web site.

choose2 or 3 topic, and write total 100 to 150 words in part2

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