This unit, we will be looking at cultural expectations, traditions, and stereotypes. Horace

Miner forces us to look at the Nacirema though an Americanized ethnocentric lens. The Humans of New York project asks us to look at Refugee stories and challenge potential preconceived notions we may have about the intentions of refugees. Raya’s “It’s Hard Enough Being Me” pleads with readers to understand the many differences among Latinas and how she has experienced an identity crisis, struggling between her identify as a Mexican and an American. Last, Ronald Takaki’s “The Harmful Myths of Asian Superiority” argues that “the ‘model minority’ image homogenizes Asian Americans and hides their differences” as well as “exacerbates relations between them and African Americans.”


Write an essay exploring cultural expectations and stereotypes. Incorporate evidence from AT LEAST THREE OUT OF FOUR of our sources this unit: Miner, Humans of New York, Raya, and Takaki. You may choose to focus your argument on one particular culture (African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, etc.) or on the danger/benefit of cultural expectations in general. If you would like use Adichie as a source for this paper, you will only need TWO ADDITIONAL sources from our unit 2 readings.

Questions to consider:

In what ways can stereotypes either harm or benefit minority populations?

How can viewing a culture through an ethnocentric perspective be potentially dangerous or beneficial?

How does each author contribute to your argument about stereotypes and cultural expectations?

Tip: If you are arguing that these expectations can be beneficial, feel free to use a counterargument/rebuttal structure for your paper, one that argues against each of your three chosen sources.

Tips for Successful Essays:

4-6 pages.

MLA format. 12-point font, Times New Roman.

A creative title that hints at the subject matter. Concrete evidence from at least three sources.

Indicate a clear focus in a well-written thesis statement and stay focused throughout the essay.

Organizing Principle.

Introduction, body, and conclusion.

Fully developed analysis of how the evidence supports each topic sentence and overall thesis statement.

Implements proper stylistic conventions to include: sentence variation, collegelevel vocabulary, target audience, complex sentence structure.

Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next, and be thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience.

Write the paper as if addressing a scholarly audience.

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