Activity: Review of a Print or Online Literary Journal

Please write a 2-3-page review (12 pt. font, double-spaced, standard margins) of the literary journal that you have selected. Your review should give potential readers and submitters a sense of what kind of work the journal publishes. Make sure to include the basic facts about the journal—who publishes it, where the journal is based, how long has it been in print or published online, how often new issues are released, and what genres are represented. The majority of your review, however, should tell your reader what you notice about this journal. What do you like about it? What, if anything, is off-putting to you? How would you characterize the journal’s ethos (voice) and style? Does the journal appear to target a particular audience? How can you tell? Make sure to discuss at least one specific piece of writing published in this issue of the journal.

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