Length: 4-6 typed, double-spaced pages

write a paper in which you put two of The Sunflower respondents into a dialogue in order to accurately reflect the complexity of their arguments. You can choose anyone from The Symposium except the six we have already discussed in class respondents should represent different perspectives on the issue of forgiveness, though they might have some common areas of agreement. This dialogue should foreground the respondents’ positions on forgiveness, honoring the complexity of their ideas with clarity and accuracy. You should set the dialogue in particular content talk show, a game show, a walk through the park, and you might also employ a moderator, or host, to ask questions and mediate the conversation.

Primary Purpose of the Paper: To put at least two respondents into a dialogue that clearly and accurately reflects the complexity of their views on forgiveness. Remember, this is a dialogue, or conversation not an argument-and your purpose is to make clear both respondents’ views on forgiveness. Although they will express disagreement, their goal is not to win the argument but to come to a more enlightened understanding of each other. Audience: Readers who are familiar with Simon Wiesenthal’s central narrative and question in The Sunflower, but who may not be familiar with your two respondents.

Grading Criteria: 1. Does the paper put at least two respondents into a dialogue that clearly and accurately reflects the complexity of their views on forgiveness?

2. Is the dialogue structured clearly and smoothly so that readers can follow the sequence of the respondents’ thoughts on forgiveness?

3. Is the dialogue given a creative context to help clarify and mediate the conversation? 4. Is the dialogue mostly free of grammatical and mechanical errors that might interfere with a reader’s understanding?

The scenario I chose was a short summery of the story of the book which I will provide, basically this scenario is written on a website blog (you can name the website whatever you want), at the end of the summery, Simon’s question will be addressed again, asking people for their opinions, then the two responders will argue in dialogue as comments and reply’s, a third person( whoever wrote the blog) will comment in-between sometimes contradicting their argument by finding holes in their supporting tools until they reach to a conclusion( it doesn’t have to be yes or no only a warrant that conclude both of their argument)

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