Part 1

To determine the degree to which the language and content of the Declaration of Sentiments is based on the Declaration of Independence, you will focus first on the opening section of each document. On a separate sheet of paper, identify the similarities and differences in the sentences that begin, in both documents, with the indicated phrases:

  1. Sentences from both documents beginning with “When in the course of human events…”
  2. Sentences from both documents beginning with “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”
  3. Sentences from both documents beginning with “That whenever any form of government…”
  4. Sentences from both documents beginning with “Such has been the patient sufferance…”

Part 2

  1. What effect does Stanton achieve by modeling her Declaration on Jefferson’s document?
  2. Answer the Focus Question: Was Stanton wise to model her Declaration of Sentiments on the Declaration of Independence? Explain.

Part 3

If you have time, read the remainder of the Declaration of Independence and the Sentiments section of the Declaration of Sentiments. On your own paper, respond to the following question.

  1. What are two additional major differences in the language or content of the two documents?
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