please follow the instructions two discussions let me know if you need anything

wk1 discussion 2Throwing Shade Around Mr. And Mrs. Obama Portraits

We looked at the incredibly portraits done by painters, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, of Michelle and Barack Obama.

1. In this discussion board, please take the opportunity to first, express one or two unique and exceptional facts about the artist’s lives. Write where you located the factual information. (two sources) Second, find out which news sources or on-line zines published/printed some negative criticism or controversy. There were vociferous critics who harshly criticized the portraits, and web sites that circulated strong criticism. Explain the source that intrigues you the most, and, in your post explain what is essential to share with the class. (one very good source/author when possible)

2. Please respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts and please write in a professional manner.


Respond to this one

A Unique fact about Kehinde Wiley would be that his father is Nigerian and that he has a twin brother.Another Unique fact that i found interesting about Amy Sherald would be that she recieved her Bachelor’s degree in painting from a HBCU (Clark Atlanta University). The potraits paintings recieved wide spread attention, recieving both good and bad opinions philip Kennicott pulitzer prize winning art critic for the Washington Post stated that the art is “Considered to be a bit of an old fashioned backwater” .



Wk 2 Discussion 2: use Module 2 -Post Modern The Art Of Today

Please prepare for our class on 9/19 on Contemporary/Post Modern Art. There are two parts to this assignment. There are four Youtube videos posted under Module 2.

Please watch them all and begin to:

1. Explain which one you find the most interesting in terms of one or two of the following: consciousness, creativity, and the development of “man’s” and “woman’s” creative abilities

2. When you read your classmates discussion board post, respond or reply by explaining if there is anything complicated about the post; if there is something insightful that you agree with; if there is something they have written that is especially pertinent to us as art history students. Please elaborate and explain your thinking as much as possible.

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