Assignment: Blog: Reflection

Think back to Week 1 when you were asked to describe your beliefs about the field of psychology. How have your beliefs changed? Throughout the last 6 weeks you have learned to think like a psychologist by taking a scientific approach to understanding observable behaviors and internal experiences such as emotions, perceptions, and cognition. You may find that you now see the field somewhat differently. For example, you may realize that some of your beliefs from the start of this class were incorrect. You have expanded your knowledge and become more confident in your understanding of the science of psychology. Hopefully you have begun to uncover the secrets of how the brain is connected to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve grown and learned this term, and plan how you will incorporate your new knowledge into your everyday life.

By Day 3

With these thoughts in mind, create a blog entry that responds to the following:

Reflecting on what you have learned over the past 6 weeks, explain how your perception of psychology has changed. Next, describe how at least three specific topics or theories you’ve learned about this term can be applied to your personal and professional life. Finally, explain how what you learned in this course will impact your approach to social change. Feel free to comment on each other’s blog postings; responses to peers will not be graded. Support your blog assignment post with at least one reference (textbook or other scholarly, empirical resources).

Your blog will be graded on the components listed below. For specific details refer to the Week 6 Blog Assignment Rubric located in the Course Information area.

  • Explanation of how your perceptions noted in Week 1 have changed (20 points)
  • Description of how the three selected topics/theories will be used in your life (40 points)
  • Impact approach to social change (20 points)
  • Quality of writing (20 points)–be sure to support your assignment post with at least one reference (textbook or other scholarly, empirical resources).
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