75-150 word response to the question(s) below. Please, include in your responses, any personal or professional experience lived in the past, or present and a question derived from your research to the class. Post your answers identifying a, b, c, and d in your responses.

1. a) What are some brands that you believe have high brand equity?

2. b) What are some of the elements of these recognizable brands?

3. c) Do you think it is crucial to manage brand equity? If so, why?

4. d) Name a recent brand crisis with which you are familiar. Do you feel this crisis was well managed?
Why or why not?

5. What is the difference between fad, fashion, and style?

6. There is not a wide margin between a leader and its nearest challenger when considering promotional impact and transactional conveniences. After all, “companies offering the powerful combination of low prices and high quality seem to capture the hearts and wallets of consumers all over the world” according to Kotler and Keller (2012, pg. 301). Could the leader vs the challenger roles shift back and forth or stay fixed within market dynamics? What say you?

7. What are the various categories (5) of the service mix?

8. Has Toyota followed the Form or Function paradigm?

9. How does one manage new product/service ideas and bring them to market?


Kotler, P.T. & Keller, K.L. (2016). Marketing Management (15th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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