In this episode of ‘The Scarlet Letter Reports,’ host Amanda Knox meets Amber Rose, another woman facing the scrutiny by mainstream media due to sexualization. After watching the video, respond to any five (5) of the following questions/ statements as they related to this week’s textbook chapter content:

Does Amber’s experience reinforce or challenge double standards as discussed in the textbook research about women’s sexuality? Consider the textbook research discussion about how culture informs the meanings given to women’ sexuality- how does this apply to Amber’s experiences? Do gender appropriate ideas of signaling interest or agreeing to have sex discussed in the textbook research inform Amber’s experience? Drawing on the textbook research explain how Amber’s situation contributes or challenges to the controlling of women’s sexual arguments in the textbook research? How does the textbook research on heterosexual scripts support or refute the assertions put forth in this video? Will Amber’s re articulation of her image help women to express female desire from an empowered standpoint or does it just provided a false consciousness- explain using the textbook research content?

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