This is the assignment I will provide books and gradeing guide as well

Create a 525- to 700-word industry overview.

Include the following:

Explain your design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales chain for a product, or your planned customer experience for a service-oriented business.

Detail your inventory and cash flow systems.

Create detailed pricing and sales strategies.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Refer to the Grading Guide to ensure a quality paper.

these are just a question to post to class forum they do not need to be very long

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Heart Juice; Spend some time studying the Web site of Heart Juice (, a healthy beverage company referred to in Chapter 1. Search for additional information on the company. Write a two minute elevator speech rather than a 60-second elevator speech. Post your speech and then ask your classmate for comments and possible recommendations for change chp 1

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Feasibility Analysis

Mountain Brew Coffee discussion:

Feasibility analysis; Imagine you’re planning to open a coffee shop named Mountain Fresh Coffee. Your coffee shop will be much like a Starbucks or a Caribou Coffee, and will be located three blocks from the campus of a major Midwestern university. Some of the unique aspects of your coffee shop are as follows: (1) You will only employ people who have a passion for coffee, (2) all the coffee you sell will be fair trade certified, (3) the ambiance of your shop will be relaxed and unhurried, and (4) you will give back 10 percent of your after-tax profits to local charities. With these factors in mind, along with your own creativity and business sense, complete both a backstage and front-stage operations model for Mountain Brew Coffee. Make your operations model as extensive as the one for Prime Adult Fitness shown in Chapter 9. Chp3

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