Week 7 DQ #1

Caregiving is an often understated and underrepresented area for discussion. Erica and Theresa fond that many people they met within their focus groups and discussions indicated that caregivers were often unsung heroes. A couple of cases worth noting included Nora and Susan.

Susan: Susan is a 57-year-old woman who has sustained a work-related injury that has impacted her knees and mobility. In addition to her own mobility impairment, she lives with her older parents, Irma and Gus. Gus was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease about 10 years ago, and this has progressed to the point where he is mobility impaired and needs constant supervision. Irma is a brittle diabetic and cannot handle the care needs of her husband, and relies mostly on Susan for help. They lived on a farm, but now have moved to a metropolitan area with their daughter Susan. They have five other adult children. Despite the other siblings in the family, Susan was resigned to looking after her father following her work injury and limitations to her mobility. Erica and Theresa were interested in how Susan’s caregiving role was impacted and how community resources and supports help the family unit.

Nora: Nora is both a caregiver to her 87-year-old father and disabled due to an orthopedic injury while riding a bicycle. Her recent knee replacement surgery has left her with less mobility in her right knee than prior to her surgery. Caregiver to her father leaves her with limited emotional resources at the end of a day. Nora’s father is legally blind suffers from Crone’s disease and has had a series of mini strokes. They live together in the three-bedroom family home and receive in home services to support Nora in her caregiving role. Nora’s father also attends a day program 3 days per week. Nora’s mother passed away 10 years ago, and she also helps in the caregiving role for her two grandsons. Nora’s father was emotionally distant to her while growing up and she is an only child. Erica and Theresa were curious to learn how Nora’s caregiving role would be impacted by the fractured relationship she had with her father.

Consider the issues for Susan and Nora in the case studies above. What resources would be important to them in their journeys as caregivers?

NOTE: Remember that all responses need to be a minimum of 100 words to receive credit and you MUST use citations and references as needed to back up your comments. Comments with out citations and the corresponding references are just opinions.

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