• What are the circuit-level firewalls?How are they different from network-level firewalls?

Network Security Peripheral Defense


This assignment requires you to answer questions as might be encountered while working as a network security expert. You will play the role of a network administrator building a peripheral defense for your network organization.

Instructions for assignment:

  • Find your assigned question from the table below
  • Using Chapter 12 and 13 of the textbook for reference, research and write an answer for your assigned question listed above, which is based on a random draw from a network administrator installing firewall intrusion detection systems. After the “team” compiles all your answers, get ready to be audited by the instructor.
    • Give reasons why firewalls do not give the total security.
    • Discuss the differences between a firewall and a packet filter.
    • Discuss the advantages of using an application-level firewall over a network-level firewall.
    • Show how data protocols such as TCP, UDP, and ICMP can be implemented in a firewall and give the type of firewall best suited for each of these protocols.
    • What are the circuit-level firewalls?How are they different from network-level firewalls?
    • How would you design a firewall that would let Internet-based users upload files to a protected internet server?
    • Are IDSs similar to firewalls?
    • Why are system intrusions dangerous?
    • Discuss the best approaches to implementing an effective IDS?
    • Can system intrusion be stopped? Support your response.
    • For a system without a DMZ, where is the best area in the network to install a honeypot?
    • Discuss ways a system administrator can reduce system scanning by hackers.
    • Discuss the benefits of system scanning.
    • Discuss as many effective ways of responding to a system intrusion as possible.What are the best?Most implementable?Most cost effective?

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