-What do you think the largest task is in regards to the timeline of changing the development of a national standard for communication equipment for emergency management?

-As technology advances, will this goal be easier to attain?


I support the establishment and development of a national standard for communication equipment for emergency management. This development is one of the timely developments of the century that can help in the notification of disasters and changes that are likely to happen (ArcGIS, 2016). As it is a requirement for emergency response, the establishment of a suitable mitigation plan to handle situations is a good strategy towards managing risks and remaining planned. This will actively help in the passing of relevant communication to different persons and stakeholders on matters that are expected to happen. Emergency response team such as the Red Cross can also remain required and prepared by the establishment of such kind of a communication plan. Communication is one of the significant facilities of mitigation to risk and on the address of maters that may arise.

A periodical training and facilitation of information between agencies would be the best approach in mitigation of risks and in remaining equipped. In this case, periods within a year such as quarterly can help in the address and preparedness on various matters. This will help agencies stay in touch with what is happening and what is expected to occur soon. Similarly, this will help in the development of the bond of collaboration and exchange of vital information (Intermedix Corporation, 2013). A partnership between varieties of the stakeholders, in this case, will lead to an effective preparedness on the mitigation of risks that require joint venture when they happen. Enhancing such a communication would be the best service that agencies can offer to themselves and the general public.

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