Role-play 2


Residents of the Darwin-Palmerston region have experienced below average rainfall in the 2018-’19 wet

season. As a result, a second successive poor wet season may see implementation of water restrictions in the

2020 dry season.


Investigate alternative sources of water supply for the region, noting that these sources may have to continue

providing water for an unforeseeably long-term future time-scale.

To explore alternative water sources further, students will be allocated to one of the following special

interest groups:

 SCADA, and mainframe, IT systems engineer

 Darwin, or Palmerston, City Council elected member

 Swimming pool operator

 Abattoir (slaughterhouse) operator

 Environmentalist/green activist

 Rural resident (needs large amounts of water for fruit trees and grass)

 Town resident (lives in a small house/unit and has only a small garden)

 Aboriginal Land Traditional Owner under the provisions of the Native Title Act 1993 No. 110, 1993.

 “NT News” Editorial team

External students may choose to represent any of the aforementioned special interest groups as the balance

of numbers amongst externals is unimportant given that only internal students will actually attend the roleplay workshop for which balanced numbers and equal representation are more important.

Each student is to prepare a maximum of one A4 page of notes on the probable impact that this scenario will

have with regards alternative source(s) of water supply on the special interest group to which they have been

allocated. These are to be relatively rough notes, and are certainly not in the form of a formal report/essay.

Notes must be submitted electronically in .pdf format through Learnline. After marking (see below), your

notes will be placed on Learnline, so that they can be reviewed by all students thereby helping to shape their

opinions as well.

Marking scheme

The written notes should be your own thoughts and deductions from the research you carry out to complete

this exercise. No marks will be awarded for material copied from the InterNet or other sources. Your notes

will be marked on their depth and extent of factual content, rather than emotive argument.

This exercise is worth 5% of the total marks for this unit. Late submissions cannot be accepted, as this will

delay the up-loading of your submissions on Learnline.

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