Question 1 A 40-year-old female presents complaining of pain near the midline in the epigastrium . Assuming the pain is caused by a stimulus acting on an abdominal organ, the pain felt is classified as: a. Visceral b. Somatic c. Parietal d. Referred Question 2 An 8-week-old male was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis . Which of the following digestive alterations would be expected? a. Insufficient bile production b. Gastric atrophy c. Hypersecretion of stomach acid d. Nutrient malabsorption Question 3 In alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatocellular damage is caused by: a. acetaldehyde accumulation. b. bile toxicity. c. acidosis. d. fatty infiltrations. Question 4 Where does the nurse expect the obstruction to be in a patient with extrahepatic portal hypertension? a. Sinusoids b. Bile ducts c. Hepatic portal vein d. Hepatic artery Question 5 Kwashiorkor is a severe dietary deficiency of: a. fat-soluble vitamins. b. carbohydrates. c. protein. d. calcium and magnesium. Question 6 A 27-year-old male presents with fever, GI bleeding, hepatomegaly, and transient joint pain . He reports that as a child he received blood transfusions following a motor vehicle accident . He also indicates he was vaccinated against hepatitis B . Which of the following types of hepatitis does the clinician think he most likely has? a. A b. B c. C d. D Question 7 Prolonged diarrhea is more serious in children than adults because: a. children have lower adipose reserves. b. fluid reserves are lower in children. c. children have a lower metabolic rate. d. children are more resistant to antimicrobial therapy. Question 8 A 40-year-old male develops an intestinal obstruction related to protrusion of the intestine through the inguinal ring . This condition is referred to as: a. Intussusception b. A volvulus c. A hernia d. Adhesions Question 9 A 60-year-old male presents with GI bleeding and abdominal pain . He reports that he takes NSAIDs daily to prevent heart attack . Tests reveal that he has a peptic ulcer . The most likely cause of this disease is: a. Increasing subepithelial bicarbonate production b. Accelerating the H+ (proton) pump in parietal cells c. Inhibiting mucosal prostaglandin synthesis d. Stimulating a shunt of mucosal blood flow Question 10 Acute pancreatitis often manifests with pain to which of the following regions? a. Right lower quadrant b. Right upper quadrant c. Epigastric d. Suprapubic Question 11 A 60-year-old male is diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus . Which of the following factors most likely contributed to his disease? a. Reflux esophagitis b. Intestinal parasites c. Ingestion of salty foods d. Frequent use of antacids Question 12 The primary complication of enterocolitis associated with Hirschsprung disease is related to which finding? a. Fecal impaction b. Pancreatic insufficiency c. Hyperactive peristalsis d. Ileal atresia Question 13 The most common cause of chronic vascular insufficiency among the elderly is: a. Anemia b. Aneurysm c. Lack of nutrition in gut lumen d. Atherosclerosis Question 14 The most common clinical manifestation of portal hypertension is _____ bleeding . a. rectal b. duodenal c. esophageal d. intestinal Question 15 A 54-year-old male is diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease . This condition is most likely caused by: a. Hereditary hormonal imbalances with high gastrin levels b. Breaks in the mucosa and presence of corrosive secretions c. Decreased vagal activity and vascular engorgement d. Gastric erosions related to high ammonia levels and bile reflux Question 16 The cardinal sign of pyloric stenosis caused by ulceration or tumors is: a. Constipation b. Diarrhea c. Vomiting d. Heartburn Question 17 A 55-year-old male died in a motor vehicle accident . Autopsy revealed an enlarged liver caused by fatty infiltration, testicular atrophy, and mild jaundice secondary to cirrhosis . The most likely cause of his condition is: a. Bacterial infection b. Viral infection c. Alcoholism d. Drug overdose Que…

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