A crucial element of classroom management is to develop strategies to engage students, promote individual and group motivation, and encourage positive behaviors among students. As a future teacher going into the classroom, it is important to develop a toolkit of effective engagement and classroom management strategies for use in any classroom. Part 1: Effective Engagement Strategies Toolkit Research three videos that successfully demonstrate engagement, motivation, and classroom management strategies that would be useful for the grade level you want to teach. With this information, complete the “Effective Engagement Strategies Toolkit” template. The template will cover the following: Name and location of video Description of engagement strategy and how each strategy demonstrates respect and responsiveness for cultural and diverse needs of students Procedures and expectations of the strategy How each strategy is described, implemented, and/or evaluated in the classroom Reference Part 2: Effective Engagement Reflection In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the following: What signs would you look for, as a teacher, to show that your students are engaged in instruction? After explaining the role of each student at the beginning of a lesson for a group activity, how can you ensure all members of the group know each team member’s expectations? How would you monitor individual student understanding in a small group setting? How would you describe a learning environment that fosters engagement and motivates students? Submit the “Effective Engagement Strategies Toolkit” template and reflection as one deliverable.

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