Explore sickle cell disease and its evolutionary basis in greater depth by reading information from the web sites below. Also, make sure to consult pages 84-89 of your textbook for a discussion of the topic.

Symptoms and Genetics of Sickle Cell Disease


A Mutation Story (PBS Evolution Library)


New York Times article on the evolution of the sickle cell allele


NOTE: Please follow the instruction about to answer the following questions. I need a medium length paragraph answer for each question. Please make sure it answers the question specifically.

Q1 : Why are there higher frequencies of the sickle cell allele where malaria is present?

Q2 :How did human farming influence the evolution of the sickle cell allele in human populations?

Q3 : Looking to the future, what factors (environmental, genetic, or social) could cause alteration in frequencies of the sickle cell in human populations? What changes to the sickle-cell allele do you envision as most likely, and why?

Thank you

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