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  1. Video Reaction 2: The Hunting Ground
    Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for students to reflect on what they learned about sexual assault on college campuses, what they thought about the Hunting Ground, and how it relates to the dimensions of sexuality. Assignment: You must watch the film “The Hunting Ground”. This film is available digitally via the USF Library or Kanopy using USF credentials (link on Canvas). After you watch the film, address the points below.
    General Requirements:
    • At least 500 words in length (not including cover sheet and references).
    • Cover sheet with assignment name, your name, date submitted, and video title.
    • Detailed evidence that you watched the video throughout.
    • Use of outside evidence to support your claims (at LEAST textbook and one other reference).
    • Use APA format and citations.
  2. o Typed
    o Header: follow APA Manual of Style
    o Font: Times New Roman
    o Font Size: 12 pt
    o Margins: 1 inch each
    o Spacing: Double-spaced
    o References: follow APA Manual of Style

    For this assignment, you must write a 4-paragraph essay that answers the following questions/points:

    Paragraph 1:

    • Summarize the video. Paragraph 2:

    • Mention and define each of the three dimensions of human sexuality (citing your textbook). Which dimensions does this video address? If one or more of the dimensions is missing, please explain why.

    Paragraph 3:

    • What are the implications/consequences for sex, gender, society, or public health? Paragraph 4:

    • Given your experience as a student in your opinion what needs to be done on our campus, if anything?
    • What (if anything) surprised you in this video? If nothing surprised you, why?
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