Select one (1) project from the working or educational environment of your choice and specify the variation nature of the project in question. Next, propose the overall manner in which you would apply statistical thinking strategy to improve the end result of the selected project. Provide a rationale to support your response.

And please respond to this peer posting.

Variation and Statistical Thinking Strategy

My preferred project comes from a business venture dealing with health products. The company operates in providing the products to both the urbanized and those living in rural areas. The work processes that are involved in this project include the sales and marketing team, product promotion, and providing a demonstration with the aim of convincing clients. Marketing these products, especially to new customers, is a little bit hard. However, when the right procedures are applied to the right people, it becomes easy to manage it. Being in the position of the supervisor, I will advise the project team to have proper communication (Queensland Government, 2016). With a working communication channel, it will be easy for the team to coordinate well. Furthermore, they will be in a position to respond rapidly to any challenge whenever it arises. Another aspect I will look at is assigning the right task to the right individual (Huhman, 2015). The strategy ensures that people take accountability and responsibility for their working. Also, having it in place will make sure that things are done in the right manner at the right time.

For this discussion, I have chosen the UNILEVER firm that produces various foodstuffs globally. The company has access to the global market. Thus, it is easy to fulfill the demands of its clients promptly. With advanced technology, fast internet accessibility has enabled the firm to access the global market easily. However, the likes of such organizations still face competition challenges. Thus, it is notable that it will be necessary for UNILEVER to invest in hiring locals. This will give it an added advantage to offer products to locals as per their taste.

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