Unit 5 GB600 Leadership Strategies for a Changing World Unit 5 Focus Paper Desired Leadership Role Focus Paper Setting: It is 5 – 10 years in the future and you have just been appointed to a highly desirable leadership role, one for which you have been preparing for many years. The organization has strong viability but is currently ineffective due to power struggles and an unhealthy organizational culture that is preventing it from reaching its potential . Write a seven to ten (7 – 10) pa ge paper (excluding title and reference pages) that includes the following: · Introduction – include some background on the organization (real or fictitious) and the leadership role to which you have been appointed. · Research on empowering leadership and its effect on organizational culture. · Analysis of the influence of leadership on organization effectiveness, including the use of power and politics to accomplish goals. · Recommendations for empowering your team members and subordinates and how you will use honest and ethical influence tactics to increase organization effectiveness. · Conclusion should briefly summarize the primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action. The Assignment will be evaluated using the Focus Paper Rubric located in the course Syllabus. Therefore, please ensure it is written with proper grammar, in APA format (including clear section headings), and includes at least three cited and referenced resources – one of which must be a peer reviewed (scholarly) journal article . Note: There is a Focus Paper Template in Doc Sharing. The point distribution for the Assignment will be as follows: · 50% (50 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization · 30% (30 points): Analysis and critical thinking · 20% (20 points): Writing style, grammar, APA format Submit to the Unit 5: Focus Paper Dropbox. This Assignment is due by the end of Unit 5 – Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. ET Title of Paper Student Name GB600.xx (xx = section #) Leadership Strategies for a Changing World Date Professor Name of Professor Title of Paper This section will typically be one or two paragraphs. It is also important to remember that the introduction should create interest and entice the reader to keep reading the paper. Specifically, you will need to introduce the reason for your paper, create interest, tell your reader what the paper includes, and briefly introduce the recommendations. The introduction is a component of the “Content” grade. Content and Analysis (This is the description; not the section title.) This section should have sub-sections for any topic that consists of more than two paragraphs. This helps to organize your thoughts and present your findings in a clear manner for your reader. This is where the main points of the paper are clearly developed. In addition, this portion of the paper should include classifications, explanations, comparisons, and inferences. Apply critical thinking to this section by using the appropriate judgments and assessments based on your evaluation and synthesis of information. This section will be in your own words as you will describe what you read or learned from the various sources that were reviewed. Do not include long, direct quotes from your sources. Use your voice by paraphrasing and using proper citations. This portion of the paper is a component of both the “Content” and the “Analysis and Critical Thinking” grade. However, it is always a good idea to have three recourses or literary references to your written assignments. Recommendations You should think of writing this section as if you were telling your boss or a consulting client about something you have learned. It is your opportunity to APPLY your learning to a business context. The recommendations are a component of the “Analysis & Critical Thinking” grade. Support your recommendations with sound literary resources. Conclusion In the conclusion (1-2 paragraphs) you should succinctly summarize the key points of t…

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