For this Discussion, respond to the following: Discuss the purpose of subnetting. What does CIDR stand for and mean? Discuss the use of ARP, TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, and Telnet. How does TCP ensure reliable delivery? Name a few TCP protocols. What is TCP’s “counterpart” that does not ensure reliable delivery?  Name a few of these protocols. What is the purpose of subnetting- Subnetting a network resolves network congestion. for example, if all computers on the network are downloading big files the network can overwhelm the network. Subnetting divides the network into two or more networks. What does CIDR stand for and mean? CIDR means Classless Inter-Domain Routing. This allows for you to add a specification on the IP address that allows you to put specifications on the number of bits that make up the networking portion. What is the use of ARP, TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, and Telnet? ARP means Address Resolution Protocol, this is a networking layer protocol that turns IP addresses into physical address also known as MAC address. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol this allows one computer to talk to another computer through compiling packets of data and sending them to the right location. UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. This is a connectionless protocol because it doesn’t require a virtual circuit to be established before any data transfer occurs. UDP provides two services not provided by the IP layer. It provides port numbers to help distinguish different user requests and a checksum capability to verify that the data arrived intact. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, this one is self-explanatory this is the standard for transferring files over the internet. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the communications protocol used to connect to Web servers on the Internet or on a local network (intranet). Its primary function is to establish a connection with the server and send HTML pages back to the user’s browser. Telnet is the method that allows connecting to a remote computer over the Internet and using programs and data as if they were on your local machine How does TCP ensure reliable delivery? Name a few TCP protocols. What is TCP’s “counterpart” that does not ensure reliable delivery?  Name a few of these protocols. Transmission control protocol ensures correct delivery by using ACKs when the packets are received. This is almost like sonar, a ping is released and when it bounces back it tells you the information on the ocean floor. Examples of TCP are HTTP, FTP,POP3,SMTP,SNMP. UPD does have any type of delivery ensure method. An example of a UPD is DNS (Domain Name Servers). *******NEED HELP RESPONDING TO THIS POST *******

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