Assignment Instructions

We previously studied the concepts of social class and social conflict. Unionization and other collection action have historically arose from tensions and perceived unfairness between the “upper” and “working” classes or between workers and management. Next week we will examine unions and their role in the workplace and in the economy.


  1. Power from the People, Florence Jaumotte & Carolina Osorio Buitron
  2. Worker Centers and the “Labor Organization” Question, Benjamin Sachs
  3. Collective Bargaining, Michael D. Yates, from Why Unions Matter
  4. Does This Company Need a Union case study – This will be discussed in class next week.
  5. Casino Europa Collective Bargaining Case Study – This is the collective bargaining simulation we will be conducting in two weeks. You need to read it over to get familiar with the scenario so that you can start preparing for the bargaining simulation next week.


  1. What are current trends in unionization in the United States? What are the impacts of those trends on workers and the general population? How do worker centers fit into the workers’ movement?
  2. Yates noted that nearly one third of all first collective bargaining negotiations end without the union reaching an agreement with the employer. He posited that success in collective bargaining has more to do with union membership control of the process and with “power” than it has to do with great “table skills.” Assuming Yates is correct, suggest specific approaches to bargaining and bargaining preparation that would let unions achieve bargaining success. Base your analysis on both personal intuition and outside research.

Be sure to look over the scoring checklist (on the class slides) so that you know what is expected in your responses.

Forum assignments are to be completed in the [Forums] tab. Do not submit your responses in the [Assignments] tab or anywhere else on Sakai (you will not get credit if your posts are not submitted in the right place, even if you happen to submit them on time). Click on your group number in the [Forumns] section and complete your assignments by clicking on [Post Reply]. Please do not submit your responses as an attachment.

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