pply Your Knowledge: Nutrition


1.Consider the following scenario:

Marque and Eva are the parents of 6-month-old Oliver. They recently read an article suggesting that chubby babies are at risk of becoming overweight children and adults. Friends and family often observe that Oliver is “chubby,” and now Marque and Eva are considering putting him on a diet.

Using research from the readings to support your answer, explain to Marque and Eva why putting Oliver on a diet would be a bad idea. You should consider these questions:

(1) Why is good nutrition crucial for development in the first two years?

(2) Are chubby babies at risk for later overweight and obesity?

(3) What can Marque and Eva do to prevent Oliver from becoming an overweight child?

2.My question ties in to both the reading from Chapter 4 and the Zimmerman article. In the section titled Sensitive Periods in Brain Development, there is a subsection, Appropriate Stimulation. This section talks about children being exposed to educational stimuli and how it effects their brain development. Zimmerman et. el talked about the ways in which being exposed to educational stimuli before the age of 2 can hinder a child’s language development. My question is, is there a significant difference between the brain development of a child exposed to educational stimuli and one who is not? What, if any, are the consequences of early exposure vs. no exposure at all? Does this have an effect on the child’s developing brain as they grow from a toddler into an adult?

3. 3.I need you to create a question (like u see question number 2). My teacher wants thoughtful question.

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