Hi, I have those 2 discussion 200-250 words each And I want TWO different versions of each one!

First one- (Korean Americans and the Shooting of Latasha Harlins)

First, let’s start with a short history/description of the relationship between Korean store owners and the African American community. Tell us what their relationship was like before the shooting. Did the tensions between the two groups lead to the shooting?

Second, what happened to the relationship between these two groups after the shooting? How did the community judge or view the Korean community after the shooting?

What do we know about the history of the Korean Americans who immigrated to America? Describe their lives, did they find what they wanted in America, or was life harder here? How so?

After watching the actual video footage of the shooting, what are your thoughts? Who was at fault and why? Was this really a racially motivated shooting?

The second one is- (Asian Americans)

What do Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans all have in common in terms of their immigration into the United States?

Why do you think that Asian Americans are under-represented in crime statistics? Do they commit less crimes?

any assist please?

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