Somewhere in the farthest corner of a big city, there is a tree where a bird is chirping away.

Bird: tweet, twitter, cheep, chirp (continues) while someone sleeps in a nearby home.

Clock: (loudly rings) Ring, ring, ring, ring! … (at the same time) Bird: cheep, cheep, tweet, tweet. As the duet continues for a few minutes. Clock: Ring, ring, ring! In the meantime, the bird flies away as its chirpings can’t be heard anymore. Clock: (continues) Ring, ring, ring! The sleeping person finally hears the clock and wakes up, snoozes the clock, looks outside and sees that it’s raining. Then, decides to go back to sleep. The cat sees the human, and decides to jump on the bed startling him and waking him up to the point of making him get up. The black cat feeling accomplished then walks away.

He gets up after getting the urge to go to the restroom. He struggles to go, but with no results and thinks, “why am I constipated?” in the meantime he decides to check his media accounts, when suddenly, the urge to poop came. It was a bit rough, but everything came out just fine. He cleans himself and then flushes. He then continues to shower, dry his hair, shave, brush his teeth. He leaves the restroom, and goes to his dresser, to find clothes to wear. After he dresses, he looks in the mirror, but does not like the white shirt he has on. He proceeds to change shirts, not liking any of them. He then thinks of his girlfriend, and decides on the white shirt with a tie and feels accomplished. He then goes into the kitchen, prepares coffee, and makes eggs for breakfast, with some toasts. Once the coffee is ready, he drinks a cup as he turns on the radio and hears, “today will be rainy, the temperature will drop below 40.” He tells himself he’ll need to take an umbrella. As he drinks his coffee, he hears someone knocking the door and wonders who it can be as he proceeds to open it.

This is the example

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