This an individual assignment for tourist behaviour course. The aim of this assignment is to broaden your knowledge and appreciation on tourist behaviour concepts and theories within tourism and hospitality industry.

The assignment will enable enrolled students in Tourist behavior course to: 1) explore key themes such as tourist motivations, consumer demand, the travel decision-making process, quality and consumer satisfaction as they relate to tourist behavior; and, to study the wide range of factors that influence tourist behavior.

Assignment Description:

➢ You are requested to access the following paper: Cohen, Prayag, and Moital, (2014), Consumer behaviour in tourism: Concepts, influences and opportunities, Current Issues in Tourism, V.17.

➢ You are requested to read the article carefully. The article is quite long and will require an effort to read and comprehend it. The article provides an excellent overview on key concepts in tourism consumer behavior literature.

➢ Once you have read the article you are requested to choose one key concept discussed in the paper. Then, you are requested to find at least another two articles that discuss the same concept you have selected by visiting SQU library website and accessing various journals website (

➢ The total weight of this assignment is 10 % of the total grade.

➢ Read the THREE articles carefully. After reading the THREE articles, you are requested to write 800 words summarizing the three articles and discussing how each article uses the concept similarly or differently.


  • First, read the title and abstract of the article carefully. Make sure you understand the terminology being used and meaning of the title. Second, scan the article to identify the general information about the study, how the article is organized, what are the core components of the study.
  • Read the article in depth. Read each section carefully, and write summary of each section.
  • During your reading, try to understand, how the author used the concept, for example, how s/he defines ‘motivation’, why s/he used this concept, what is the overall significance of the study?
  • Your assignment can include (but you can have your own approach):
  • o Introductory paragraph: you introduce your assignment and what is it about.

    o Summary of each article, you can take the following questions as guidelines but don’t limit yourself by following them only: (describe the main topic the article discussed; what are the objectives/aims of the article? did the article used a theory, what was it; what is the methodology? what are the strengths of the paper in your opinion?)

    o One section (at least two paragraphs) of your assignment will need to discuss how similar or different the paper used the concept you have selected. Do all articles used the same definition for the concept? Discuss the reasons that drive each article’s author(s) to use the concept.

    o Write a summary of your assignment.

  • Your assignment is due in week 5 Thursday 10/10/2019, 12 pm. You will be asked to upload your assignment on Elearning course page.
  • General instructions for assignment

    Check spelling and ensure consistency of layout, headings, typestyles and sizes:

    a. Font should be Times New Roman, 12; Assignment should be 1.5-line Spacing

    b. Main Headings – Size 13, Capital and Bold; Sub-Headings – Size 12, Underlined, Bold; Page Margins 2.5 cm on all the sides.

    Some Guidance on Assignment Writing:

    1. Plagiarism: Do not plagiarise – Plagiarised materials will cause you academic penalty such as failure in the course or the assignment (refer to SQU academic regulation).

    Please use APA referencing style.

    E.g. Sloman, J. (1999), Economics, Prentice Hall Europe, page 102.

    2. Structure: Prior to writing stage, you will need to read and then plan your assignment structure. Rough plan that outlines main structure before writing will help you to systemize your writing.

    3. Readability: It is NOT recommended to submit your assignment from the first draft, you need to read it couple of times before submitting it. It is highly advisable to ask your friend to read your work, especially if you do not feel fully confident in your English.

    4. Focus and Balance: Always ask yourself, Am I addressing the required tasks that outlined in the assignment guideline?

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