• For this assignment, you will write a short essay on a topic related to computer ethics.
  • You will use 1 or 2 online resources (as identified in Competency 2 Required Assessment) as the basis of your essay.
  • You will then write a 250-500 word essay on your topic that covers the following information:
    • Describe the issue or problem?
    • What are the ramifications or consequences that can occur?
    • What should the reader know or do to reduce or avoid the issue?
  • Create a Word document for your essay. Your document must meet the following criteria:

    • Margins: top 1″, bottom .75″, left and right: 1″
    • Header: Your name and email address
    • Footer: current date and page number
    • Font: Arial 11
    • Title: centered, font: Calibri 16
    • Paragraphs: double spaced, indent the first line .5″
    • Must have at least 2 paragraphs
    • Must include 1 bulleted or numbered list (2 or more items)
    • Must include at least 1 MLA citation and a Works Cited pageInclude at least 1 picture or graphic (chart, etc.)
    • Include a table.
      If you cannot find topical information appropriate for a table, you can include a table at the end of the essay with the following information:
Your name Your email address
Course name Instructor name
  • Spell and grammar check your essay
  • Use Word count to make sure it is between 250 and 500 words.

Grading will be based on:


Margins set correctly


Header and footer include required information


Fonts set correctly


Title centered


Paragraphs formatted as specified


Includes a bulleted or numbered list


Includes a properly formatted MLA citation


Includes a Works Cited page


Includes a picture or graphic


Includes a table


Includes at least 2 paragraphs


Spelling and grammar are correct


Has between 250 and 500 words


Covers required information about the topic




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