This week, you will work on the detailed design for your problem.


  1. Design sketches. Using pen and paper, sketch out two different ideas of preliminary designs for your user interface. Consider the particular needs of your target user population. Describe and explain each set of sketches.
  2. Storyboard designs. Arrange the sketches in the order that they will be used in your scenario and describe each step in detail.
  3. Write the user documentation (help guide) – a brief (one page or screen max) new user’s guide to getting started. Or, design your interface so it needs no user documentation. If you don’t need user documentation, please indicate this in your write-up.
  4. Task-command analysis. Analyze the command sequence needed to carry out each of several tasks, including the keystroke count of user actions for each of the tasks. Count these categories of actions: button press, hand movement across device or screen, hand movements between screen and other parts of the device.
  5. Describe the ways in which your design considers the 5 measures of usability:
    1. Time to learn: How long does it take for typical members of the community to learn relevant task?
    2. Speed of performance: How long does it take to perform relevant benchmarks?
    3. Rate of errors by users: How many and what kinds of errors are made during benchmark tasks?
    4. Retention over time: Frequency of use and ease of learning help make for better user retention
    5. Subjective satisfaction: Allow for user feedback via interviews, free-form comments and satisfaction scales

rading: (Total 100 points)

  1. Sketches (2 sets): 30 points
  2. Storyboard and notes: 25 points
  3. User documentation: 10 points
  4. Task-command analysis: 20 points
  5. Usability analysis: 15 points
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