• Theoretical Framework includes researcher’s general orientation about knowledge, reality, and value.
  • See the first two columns in Table 1 (Crotty book page 5) and Table 2.1 (Creswell book page 20), and try to figure out where you are fitting in terms of your epistemological beliefs and theoretical perspectives, in relation to your research topic. Start positioning yourself.
  • Here is a way to begin your theoretical framework paper: Get together with your peer review partner (or other colleagues), and share the following information. Listeners take notes and give them to tellers.
    • My philosophy of research
      • What do I believe the nature of human experience is (ontology)?
      • What do I believe knowledge is and how do I believe it is created (epistemology)?
      • What is the role of value in research (axiology)?
    • My theoretical perspective(s) for research
      • What theories and concepts in my field now appear most relevant to the research I might do?
      • How do these ideas compare, contrast, and otherwise relate to the scaffold (Figure 1. in page 4) Crotty offers?
  • Assignment: Write 2 pages theoretical framework (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins).
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