“The Truax” Response Letter

Background: “The Truax” is a story written to rebuttal the famous Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

Purpose and directions: Review the bias of “The Truax” and use evidence from “The Truax” to write a response letter to the author about whether you agree or disagree with their viewpoint.

Please feel free to do additional outside research of this topic, but remember all work must be in your own words and sources need to be cited at the end. Please place this assignment in the “Truax Position Essay” dropbox.

The Truax Story: http://woodfloors.org/truax.pdf.
The following displays the required parts of this letter as well as a suggested layout :

  1. Paragraph 1 – Summarize the author, plot of “The Truax”, and why the author wrote this story .
  2. Paragraph 2 – State your position and why (which side of the fence you are on)
  3. Paragraph 3 – Defend your position using evidence from the story plot.
  4. Paragraph 4- Conclusion that summarizes the essay.


Summary of Plot = 25 Points
State and Explain Position = 25 points Defend Your Position = 25 points Conclusion = 25 points

Total = 100 points

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