Read the case.Then research whether it is legal or illegal to ingest marijuana for medical and/or

recreational use under Jamaican law and U.S. federal law. Be able to cite some Jamaican law from the case or from your research, and some U.S. federal law. E.g., maybe medical use is allowed, and recreational use but only if in small quantities. Or maybe it is not criminal but illegal. or criminal but rarely prosecuted.

If it is not legal for medical and/or recreational use in Jamaica and the U.S. (under U.S. federal law), what are the penalties if caught, and are the laws against it enforced in Jamaica and in the U.S. by federal authorities?

Then argue the pros and cons of whether marijuana should be legal in Jamaica and in the U.S. under U.S.federal law.To get a high score for the assignment (some humor), you will need to answer these questions, citing some law, and giving arguments for and against legalizing marijuana in Jamaica and the U.S. Imagine that you are advising a legislator in Jamaica or the U.S.Senate who knows nothing about the matter but needs to vote on it based on your legal memorandum

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