Research the contraversy between Trump and the athletes refusing to go to Washington. What is the problem?

Why do they refuse to travel to Washington for recognition afforded athletes in the past?

*Please write 130 words at least about the above one as ur opinion

* Also, Please write two comments about my classmates. Each of them at least 50 words

The First comment is to Jared Arthur

Trump has declared war on the NFL for allowing players to kneel during the national anthem and showing of the colors. The players who take a knee are peaceably protesting the inequalities faced by Americans of color. This act of protest is protected under the First amendment but many have called this a sign of disrespect to our Nation and Flag, including Trump. In my opinion, Trump has overstepped his bounds by tweeting his disapproval over twitter and calling the players obscene names. There should be no reason for a President to stoop to that level and especially for something protected by our constitution. As of now, the NFL does not have a rule that states a player must stand for the playing of the national anthem and I don’t believe there should be one created. All of this will eventually be solved through public appeal by either understanding the message trying to be conveyed and working to make a change or through plummeting ratings and less cash flow to the NFL. Unfortunately, I see the latter happening sooner.

The second comment is to Calvin Gentry

Donald Trump, over the past 2 weeks or so, have made tweets concerning both NBA and NFL. The NBA 2017 Champions, Golden State Warriors, were invited by the president to the White House for recognition. The Warriors declined because of recent controversial problems they believe Trump have caused. He was upset and tweeted Steph Curry that he was taking the invitation back. This stirred more problems and led to Trump tweeting about the NFL and how kneeling was a problem. He delivered it in a argumentative way, and he has caused the NFL to covered in issues dealing with kneeling.

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