Initial question:

Making a pivot has saved organizations from completely deteriorating. Research an organization of your choice that has made an impactful pivot. Write an 8-10 sentence summary of the organization and the monumental pivot.

My response


Tesla’s automotive strategy has moved it beyond the traditional vehicle market that incorporated software into existing product lines. The company continues to implement its plan of configuring clean energy systems and environmental conservation. As a start-up, it had an initial approach to developing a minimum viable product for testing the market. The company later entered into the luxury market and applied a lot of competitive pressure with its Model S. Its new plan entailed a substantial pivot of doubling on clean energy. For instance, its car brand, the Roadster (2008), was appealing because of its eco-mindedness model which expanded Tesla’s product line to other car models (Vynakov, Savolova & Skrynnyk, 2016). It intends to use its cars in the conversion of households to solar power. It is also redesigning its autonomous vehicles, which is a strategy that will change the entire business environment of the automobile industry.

Tesla’s objective is to design cars that use clean energy to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions from fossil fuel use. However, the company’s electric vehicles also have a carbon footprint since most electricity is generated from non-renewable energy sources. The company has integrated its car selling with household solar panel installation. Tesla already acquired SolarCity, the leading market entrant of clean energy solar panels. Tesla believes that with the two businesses merged, there is an innovation in clean energy strategy for environmental conservation. Solar energy can provide electric power to both the cars and other household electrical requirements. This approach will substantially reduce reliance on the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity. Fossil fuels cause considerable environmental pollution through their resultant carbon emissions from vehicle engine combustions which can cause the greenhouse effect that could result in climate change. Tesla’s electric cars do not produce carbon emissions that cause environmental pollution, and with the integration of solar panels, there is even a low carbon footprint (Nunes, Bennett & Shaw, 2015).


Nunes, B., Bennett, D., & Shaw, D. (2015). Green operations strategy of a luxury car manufacturer. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 28(1), 24-39.

Vynakov, O., Savolova, E., & Skrynnyk, A. (2016). Modern Electric Cars of Tesla Motors Company. Automation of Technological and Business Processes, 8(2), 9-18.

Respond to this:

When I think of the innovation that Tesla brings to the market, it really it quite remarkable. But a big question with all of this is – is it affordable to the average consumer? While there are things that will benefit the environment, can the average family afford any of this at the end of the day?

APA 200 words at least one scholarly reference.

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