You have been reflecting on changes you have undergone since beginning this program in each of your Journal entries in this course. Now you will synthesize those reflections, plus any other insights into a paper articulating your RN to BSN educational journey. You will use your module Journal entries as well as examples from other RN BSN courses to construct the Synthesis paper. Objectives Synthesis Paper in a reflective activity comprised of your experience in the RN BSN program. You will address your experiences before the RN BSN program, you as a lifelong learner, you in the continuum of novice to expert in the professional nursing role, an account of your role transition to a professional nurse, and an evaluation of the program. The Synthesis Paper will reflect your understanding and use of APA format and scholarly writing. The following rubric will be used to grade the Synthesis Paper. The paper has 6 sections: Introduction Before RN-BSN Program Lifelong Learning Novice to Expert Synthesis of Role Transition to Professional Nursing Evaluation The paper must have title page, reference page, plus no more than 4 pages that address the 6 sections of the paper outlined in the grading rubric. So with the title page, 4 pages for the body of the paper, and the reference page, the Synthesis Paper must not be more than 6 total pages using 12-point Times Roman font. The first 2 grading criteria noted in the rubric below apply to all sections of the paper. APA format, scholarly writing, grammar and spelling are graded in each section. Use Spell Check and Grammar Check! In-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RN BSN courses or the program. Points will be deducted if this information is not detailed and referenced in the document and on the reference page. References need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead of information in RN BSN courses. Title page, Reference   page, APA format 6th Edition, and Scholarly writing. (10 Points) Each section must   be 3-4   well constructed, grammatically correct sentences supported with in-text citation (current literature) as   required. Includes title and reference page. All sections included. (10   Points) Grammar and Spelling (5 Points) Error-free grammar and spelling (5 Points) Introduction (5 points) Addresses   all these questions: When   did you start the RN BSN program? Did you take 1 course at a time, or 2 or   more at a time? Did you take classes   each start date? If not, why? (5 Points) Before RN-BSN Program   (5 Points) Narrative   includes at least   two specific examples of   change in behaviors, attitudes, and/or practices as a result of RN-BSN program (5   Points) Before RN-BSN Program Reference (5 Points) Includes at least one specific reference to RN-   BSN courses or one reference to   specific   evidence-based research article(s) (5   Points) Lifelong   Learning (10 Points) Narrative   includes in depth discussion and highlights new learning about self and describes attitudes, characteristics,   and actions as a lifelong learner (10   Points) Lifelong   Learning Examples (5   Points) Includes   at least two specific examples of change in behaviors, attitudes, and/or practices   as a result of RN-BSN program (5   Points) Lifelong   Learning Reference (5   Points) Includes   at least one specific reference to RN- BSN courses or one reference to   specific evidence-based research article(s) (5   Points) Novice to   Expert (10 Points) Narrative   includes detailed description of  steps   taken toward becoming an expert/professional, including interest and actions toward   a specific focus area of nursing (10   Points) Novice to Expert-   Examples(   5 Points) Includes   at least two specific examples of change in behaviors, attitudes, and practices   as a result of RN-BSN program (5    Points) Novice to   Expert- References (5 Points) Includes   at least one specific reference to RN- BSN courses or one ref…

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