this week’s discussion will take us beyond Google. Many of our data sources have been found using Google. While this is helpful, it is not comprehensive. Sometimes a marketing researcher may need to know if similar studies have been completed and see what the outcomes of those studies were. This brings us to using academic databases.

For this discussion, you will need to 1) find an academic article that reported some kind of research results. It can be on any topic but it needs to have been published in the last five years. Then, you need to 2) summarize the article in 2-3 paragraphs. Provide detail about what you think is important about the article. To complete the discussion, after your summary 3) cite the article using proper APA formatting (make sure it was cited and referenced). This will allow you to practice for your final report. Many databases will provide you with the APA citation, but some do not format it correctly; be cautious of this.

To find your article, use one of the library’s business databases

the article i have chosen is this:

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