1. Identification of the article, journal, and author

2. First sentence expresses the main idea of the whole article.

3. Atttributive tags. Note that in text citations do not have page numbers because the Work Citied is from a Web source.

4. Includes short quotations from article MLA documentation style, double space.

5. Bibliographic citation for Marche’s article using MLA style. In a formal paper, the “ Works Cited” list begins on a new page at the end of the paper.

6. Introduction the summary with contextual information giving the author’s name, the article’s title, and the original place of publication.

7. Use attributivetags ( also called signal phrase) such as “ Marche proposes” or “ according to Marche

8. 2 pages writing article and 1 page work citied.

REQUIREMENTS account_balance Brookhaven College

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