Select an article from a peer-reviewed journal of your choice and write an Article Review. You must select a peer-reviewed article describing research findings to review, not a news item or a review of something else that merely appears in a peer-reviewed journal. The article must link KINESIOLOGY with some aspect of biology. Use part of the analysis section of your review to explain why you chose this article and what the connection to KINESIOLOGY is. You must make a copy of the article and attach it to your review when you turn it in, OR give me a an accurate link to the article online.You have the freedom to pick any peer-reviewed article as long as it links KINESIOLOGY to BIOLOGY. You must select a peer-reviewed journal article. Make sure that what you are analyzing is an article that was published in an established peer-reviewed journal. Not everything in a peer-reviewed journal is automatically a peer-reviewed article, so make sure you are analyzing a journal article, not an encyclopedia entry, not a book review, not a letter to the editor, not a news item, and not a policy statement. Hint: if what you find is very short, it probably is not a peer-reviewed journal article. Only select something that was published since 2010.

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