Take Test: Week 11 Final Exam Top of Form Test Information Description Instructions The final exam consists of multiple choice questions. You will have 2 hours to complete it. Good Luck! Timed Test This test has a time limit of 2 hours.You will be notified when time expires, and you may continue or submit. Warnings appear when half the time , 5 minutes , 1 minute , and 30 seconds remain. Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This test can only be taken once. Force Completion This test can be saved and resumed later. The timer will continue to run if you leave the test. Remaining Time: 1 hour, 54 minutes, 20 seconds. Question Completion Status: [removed] QUESTION 1 1. Which input type creates a field that is not viewable on the form? [removed] type= “conceal” [removed] type= “off” [removed] type= “view” [removed] type= “hidden” 1 points QUESTION 2 1. A ____ should be used to provide visual indication that option buttons belong in the same group. [removed] fieldset [removed] label [removed] table [removed] value 1 points QUESTION 3 1. When using the password data type, any information that a user enters will be displayed as a series of ____ or asterisks, protecting the information from prying eyes. [removed] dashes [removed] dots [removed] ampersands [removed] plus signs 1 points QUESTION 4 1. To make a check box selected by default, you add ____. [removed] selected=”true” [removed] selected=”selected” [removed] checked=”checked” [removed] checked=”true” 1 points QUESTION 5 1. The ____ attribute has two possible values: get and post. [removed] value [removed] id [removed] method [removed] name 1 points QUESTION 6 1. Which input type displays a browse button to locate and select a file? [removed] type= “attach” [removed] type= “find” [removed] type= “file” [removed] type= “browse” 1 points QUESTION 7 1. The ____ style can be used to change label elements into block elements. [removed] type:block [removed] format: block [removed] display: block [removed] block: block 1 points QUESTION 8 1. HTML 4 supports ____ different input types. [removed] 10 [removed] 15 [removed] 16 [removed] 17 1 points QUESTION 9 1. For noncontiguous selections from a selection list on a PC, press and hold the ____ key while you make your selections. [removed] Ctrl [removed] Shift [removed] Esc [removed] Alt 1 points QUESTION 10 1. Another way you can specify the width is to use the ____ attribute. [removed] size [removed] maximum [removed] length [removed] characters 1 points QUESTION 11 1. If you do not include the type attribute in an tag, the Web browser assumes that you want to create a(n) ____. [removed] check box [removed] input box [removed] option button [removed] submit button 1 points QUESTION 12 1. Text formatted with the ____ tag retains any white space you want to display on your Web page. [removed]

[removed] [removed]

 [removed]  1 points QUESTION 13 1. With the frame value ____, no border is drawn around the table. [removed] null [removed] none [removed] no [removed] void 1 points QUESTION 14 1. The table marked 7 in the accompanying figure has a frame value of ____. [removed] vsides [removed] beneath [removed] border [removed] none 1 points QUESTION 15 1. Spanning cells are created by inserting a ____ attribute in a 


tag. [removed] rowspan or colspan [removed] spanrow or spancol [removed] cellspan or rowspan [removed] tdspan or trspan 1 points QUESTION 16 1. There is no HTML attribute to change the ____ style, but many browsers allow you to change the color by adding the bordercolor attribute to the table element. [removed] border [removed] frame [removed] background [removed] cell 1 points QUESTION 17 1. The table marked 2 in the accompanying figure has a rules value of ____. [removed] all [removed] cols [removed] rows [removed] void 1 points QUESTION 18 1. A ____ table contains only text, evenly spaced on the Web page in rows and columns. [removed] columnar text [removed] row-based [re...

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