For your final project, you will create an artifact that would support you in implementing the knowledge and skills you’ve developed to support an individual student or a group of students with anxiety in your own role-specific environment.

We have discussed anxiety as an internalizing disorder and learned about various types of anxiety. We also talked about some causes of anxiety, as well as ways in which it develops into a pathology. We have looked at the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) and discussed ways that this might be integrated into the classroom.

Considering the student that you described in the Module 1 Checkpoint, please describe:

  • how your student’s anxiety is manifesting, including affect, behavior, cognition, dependence, and evaluate its excessiveness and extremity
  • the biological (including neurobiology, genetic, temperament, gender) and environmental (including trauma, abuse, loss, relationships, parent influence, change) factors that may be contributing to the anxiety
  • the type(s) of anxiety you suspect that your subject may be dealing with
  • considerations regarding age appropriateness, cultural influences, gender influences, environmental and socioeconomic influences on your student’s anxiety
  • ways in which you have responded to or plan to respond to your student’s anxiety within the SEL framework
  • ways that you expect SEL learning to support your student academically
  • With what audience (e.g. students, colleagues, families) would you most like to share your work with the chosen student and the knowledge you have gained in this course?
  • What do you feel will be the best method for communicating these concepts with your audience? What are some important considerations for meeting your audience’s needs?
  • How will you know if you have been successful in implementing what you have learned with your selected audience?
  • What outside sources might you include in your final project?
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