HIT 234 Assignment 1 Submission Details: For Internal and External students: submission is via Learnline. Instructions on how to submit the assignment is located under Assessments / Guidelines. Please answer all questions. Part A – Single and multiple table queries Value: 6% For the first five questions you have to provide your answer in the form of a SQL statement, with description before as necessary. For example: 1. Example Question: Select all columns from the `Customer` table Example Answer: — This answer will select out all the columns from the Customer table SELECT * from Customer; Questions 1 – 5: Worth 3% of the total marks 1. List in ascending order the Last Names of all borrowers with Card Number less than 150. 2. What are the records of those loans between 3 June 2014 and 8 Mar 2018? ? The output should include the name of the cardholder, and title of the book ? List in ascending order by last name and first name 3. Find the total numbers of loans with last name beginning with D through E (including E); include last name beginning with Q as well as Z also. 4. Find all borrowers for a loan that have the Date-in before 15-March-15 and the Card number between 100 and 300 in Karama or Darwin. 5. Find the number of loans, which have been made from each branch? ? Note all branches need to be included even those with no loans Question 6: Worth 3% of the total marks 6. Create your own question based on the library database, and also provide a SQL Statement to answer your question. Part B – Table and Advanced Queries Value: 4% The questions are broken into: Q1 (4 marks), Q2 (3 marks), Q3 and Q4 (3 marks). For all questions, provide the answer in the form of a SQL statement, with description before as necessary. Questions NOTES Questions 1 and 2 require you to answer in the form of a   SQL statement to create a table and insert data into it. The question and   answer is only about the statements to create and put data into the   `Occurrence_Exercise` table, however it is recommended that you create the   statements to create and insert data into all 3 tables, so that you can test   that your statements are correct. Please only provide in your answer the SQL   statement for the `Occurrence_Exercise` table. To understand the terminology: • A   rep is a number of times you do an attempted weight. • A   set is an attempt and in this case, there are 3 attempts (attempt 1,   attempt 2, attempt 3). • An   attempt contains the weight. So to understand the weight you would lift for a single   exercise in the Exercise attempt table you would need to consider the rep   multiplied by attempts by the weight. So for a single attempt: e.g. for 9001 rep multiplied by attempts by the weight 8 reps x 3 attempts x 15kg = 360 total kg’s lifted 1. The following Gym application database for weight session recording is as follows. Write and run SQL statements for creating the Occurrence_Exercise table. ? Include constraint values for the Condition Column: Heavy, Medium, Light 2. Write an SQL statement that will insert the data into Occurrence_Exercise table only. ? Definition of rep stands for repetition. ? Each exercise attempt has the rep number as indicated in the occurrence table. Occurrence Table OccurrenceID Occ_Date Occ_Place Occ_Start_Time Occ_Finish_Time 1 14/03/18 University_Gym 16:00:00 16:30:00 2 15/03/18 University_Gym 16:30:00 17:00:00 3 16/03/18 University_Gym 16:10:00 17:20:00 4 17/03/18 Home 07:00:00 08:00:00 5 17/03/18 University_Gym 17:00:00 18:00:00 Occurrence_Exercise Table OccExID ExerciseNo OccurrenceID Rep Attempt1 Attempt2 Attempt3 Condition 9001 001A 1 8 15 15 15 Light 9002 002A 1 8 70 75 70 Medium 9003 003A 2 12 90 95 90 Heavy 9004 004A 3 12 200 200 200 Medium 9005 006A 3 8 110 110 115 Heavy 9006 005A 4 10 20 25 Medium 9007 001A 4 8 10 12 10 Medium 9008 002A 5 8 85 90 115 Heavy Exercise Table ExerciseNo ExerciseDescription ExerciseType 001A Situps Abs 002A Bench Press Chest 003A Dead Lifts Back 004A Leg Pre…

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