After reading the Chapters 8 & the Conclusion, provide one insight from the reading that you found interesting or helpful and why you found that point significant. Then, answer at least 1 of the following questions from each chapter

Chapter 8

  • This chapter introduces the topic of “readiness.” What does “readiness” look like in your world? What does it mean to you?
  • Consistency, reliability and dependability are not flashy topics. Yet, they are essential to being an effective leader. How do you rate yourself on your consistency, reliability and dependability?
  • What are your success habits? Share the little habits you demonstrate, day in and day out, that you believe contribute to your success.
  • On pages 187–188, the authors share some practical time management tips. Which of these tips will you try?

Conclusion and Wrap-up Questions

  • SPARK shares seven actions you can take to build your ability to lead. Review and reflect on the summary of the seven actions found on page 196 and share with the group the one(s) you plan to focus most on developing.
  • What about The SPARK Experience was most memorable or valuable for you?

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