Power & Sociology

Should the government attempt to cure inequalities of wealth? What are the obstacles to this? Explain your answer both based on concepts from the book, ie equality of opportunity, equality of results, education and wealth, etc., as well as your own personal ideology.

Please respond to at least 2 other students with 3-5 sentence if you agree or disagree with their post and explain why.

Student 1. Mich L.

The government certainly should attempt to mitigate inequalities of wealth. Equality of opportunity is, of course, of paramount importance but that is impossible as long as there is not equality of results. When you start with wealth, your ability to achieve results is substantially boosted. As a society, we need to decide how much inequality (opportunity, wealth, results, education, etc.) we are willing to tolerate. It’s completely impossible for government of any form to legislate true, fair equality under any circumstances. In my opinion, the super wealthy are not bad, however the ability to amass 10+ figure sums is a public policy failure. Jeff Bezos earns 4.5 million dollars per hour. Nobody provides that much value to the world, and to be able to have that much requires use of the public right in one way or another. Don’t take it away, just regulate the ability to make that much money out of existence.

Student 2 Cristi M.

I believe the government should attempt to cure inequalities of wealth. I believe increasing minimum wage is a good start. Higher wages for the lowest-paid workers may help them people out of poverty. Policies that support higher savings rates for working- and middle-class households can provide better economic security for struggling families. New programs that automatically enroll workers in retirement plans and provide a savings credit or a federal match for retirement savings accounts could help lower-income households build wealth. Access to fair, low-cost financial services and home ownership are also important ways to wealth. The obstacles are getting policy makers to prioritize these policies as well as getting the support of voters and other supporters.

Power & Sociology-Debate on Digital Divide

Based on the information at the websites listed below and other websites, discuss the meaning of the Digital Divide and how having or not having a computer or computer access relates to Weber’s perspective that the three “Ps” -property, prestige, power and Life Chances determine our place in an open class system. Your discussions must reflect your critical interpretation of your readings and not entirely upon your opinions. List your sources or your references.

Weber presented three “Ps” -property, prestige, and power and Life Chances (Chapter 7)-that he considered as factors that determine our place in an open class system. Input google.com into your Browser and then at the google search page input “Digital Divide.” There you will find several sites. Here are two sites:

Youtube Video

Debate on Digital Divide

Both sites provides information that shines a light on the role computers play in widening social gaps throughout our society, particularly among minorities.

Please respond to at least 2 other students with 3-5 sentence if you agree or disagree with their post and explain why.

I Will Sent When The Two Students Post-Power & Sociology-Debate on Digital Divide

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