This short writing assignment is designed for you to practice your ability to formulate your thoughts about a particular business scenario and to concisely write those thoughts. You will read the scenario and question below, and you will write your answer in a specific website (see the link below). I will be using this website to collectively assess how well the entire class is grasping the concept. You will be graded individually on your answers so do your best.

Here is the question: (Much of this applies to Chapter 4 – Ethics too)

You have been hired for a managerial position at a large telecommunications company, replacing a manager who was recently terminated for allowing direct reports to engage in unethical behaviors. Your first task as a new manager is to improve the ethical climate in your department and to create an action plan for fostering high ethical standards, based on what you know about ways leaders can promote ethical behavior in organizations.

In one or more fully formed paragraphs, describe the two types of ethical codes you could employ, then state which one(s) would be optimal to employ, and why. Next, summarize three additional ways you intend to engage employees to build an ethical culture.

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