Male Circumcision

A. Answer the question:
Is there a valid reason for routine infant male circumcision? What are the pros and cons of male circumcision? What would you choose?


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  • Website: American Academy of Pediatrics: Circumcision…
  • Video: Dr. Oz on Circumcision (9mins)

    B. Reply these answers:

    1. Circumcision is a procedure that surgically removes the male’s foreskin which is at the tip of the penis. Throughout history, circumcision has been a force among males due to their religion and culture. After reading these articles, I believe that there is a valid reason for infant circumcision because it has many positive perks like preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The pros of circumcision are lowering the risk of sexually transmitted virus like AIDS, HIV, HSV, and other viruses. It would also prevent foreskin infection and make it easier to clean the genital area. As the article “Would you circumcise this Baby”, stated that a Manhattan surgeon, Lewis Sayre, discovered that by circumcising the little boy he will eventually regain his leg muscles and decrease the pain. However, the cons of circumcision are that it could cause extensive bleeding, risk of infection, and low chance of healing properly. The article “Would you circumcise Baby”, Deanna decided not to circumcise her baby since it would be mutilation just like how Africans disfigure females’ genital parts. Also, it would decrease the amount of sensation and sexual pleasure for the male. With the proper hygiene from parents, it would lower the risk of cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Like the video with Dr. Oz, he commented that circumcision wasn’t necessary for males and he advised that males who aren’t circumcised should properly clean the space between the foreskin because it would lead to cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases passed onto someone else. I would probably circumcise my child because it would lower the risk of infections and diseases. As the child grows up, they tend to forget to properly clean their genital parts and have sexual contact with someone.

    2. Male circumcision, just like any other medical procedure, will have its risks and benefits. The decision for routine infant male circumcision lies in the hands of the parents when the child is born. So, every parent is different because they all have different sets of beliefs for whether or not circumcision is an appropriate option for their baby boy. There are, not one, but many valid reasons for a routine infant male circumcision; these could be medical, social, or even religious reasons. Male circumcision can benefit by lowering the risks of getting HIV or STIs. The foreskin of the penis can trap bacteria, which leads to all types of infections. Even before reading the sources, I have heard that it is very difficult to clean when a male is uncircumcised. Some cons of circumcision would be the complications and pain that come with any type of medical procedure. In the appropriate settings, I have heard that some men are glad they were circumcised, even if the procedure was painful. Some say they would rather go through the one-time removal, than the constant worrying of infection and being extra careful when cleaning. They still practice proper genital hygiene, but it is a lot easier without the foreskin. From what I have read, I would choose circumcision for my son because the pros outweigh the cons. Although I know some people allow their sons to grow up and make the decision themselves, I believe my son would respect my decision of protecting him from infections and harmful diseases.

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