John Dewey Vs B.I. Bell Work is due Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 1800 hours (6pm eastern time zone). Please complete assignment and cite sources according to APA standards. The attached video defines one of the many “battles” in education thought, philosophy, theory, ideology, and structure.  After watching the video, and reading the two articles associated with the video’s content, you are to pick a winner.  And it can’t be “BOTH”.  You must pick a side and defend your choice.  You need to clearly identify: Which side you choose Why you pick it as the winner What your evidence is for your choice (your choice should be based upon what you’ve read and learned from the video, not just what you think) Your response should be between 300-400 words NOTE: At the end of this video, I state, “You don’t have to pick a side”, and I changed my mind.  So compare the writings of John Dewey to the writing of B.I. Bell.  It is VERY important that you understand the context of the writings. see below links and attached video for the content:

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