Search “” for a company or school that has defined the role of end-users in the creation of a contingency plan. Discuss why it is (or is not) important to include end users in the process of creating the contingency plan? What are the possible pitfalls of end user inclusion? Disaster Recovery: 1) what are the most common downtime metrics used to express recovery criticality? 2) what is maximum tolerable downtime (mtd)? 3) what is recovery time objective (RTO) 4) what is recovery point objective rpo and how does it differ from recovery time objective 5)what are the primary means for collecting data for the bia 6) what is facilitated data gathering? 7)what are some items usually included in routine it operations budgets that can be considered part of CP requirements 8) beyond those items that are funded in the normal course of IT operations, what are the additional budgeting areas of CP needs?

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