-Your essay must include cited evidence from at least two of your assignment texts. (Must include at least two direct quotes in each body paragraph.)

– must include a cited page at the end of the essay

-Your essay needs to have a creative title.

-Your essay must also include your argument about the effect of social media use on political and social activism. That means you need a thesis and topic sentences, which state your claim and reasons why. You also need support for your argument in the form of cited material and personal experience. You will be using PIE paragraph structure

– ,needs to be between 4-6 pages in length

– use my two sources below please

Tufekci, Zeynep. “Online Social Change: Easy to Organize, Hard to Win.” TED. Oct. 2014.

Gladwell, Malcolm. “Small Change.” The New Yorker. 4 Oct. 2010

try to answer> What role does social media play in organizing political and social

protest? How successful are social media organized campaigns? etc.

i already wrote the first paragragh/thesis paragrpah >In our society today a tragedy does not seem to be believed that it occurred unless we see it on twitter. As Malcom Gladwell and Zeynep Tufekci discussed reasons and proved to our society in their articles and ted talks as to why social media such as Twitter can benefit the activism in our world today. Overall social media is beneficial to our modern day activism as it allows for more people throughout our society to be able to be aware and be apart of what is taking place around the world.

-must be double spaced, use 12 point font times new roman

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